• By default all protein is grassfed in regards to critters with hooves, free range in regards to chicken or wild caught in regards to seafood. I choose to not be repetitive in the clarification of said protein during cooking clips.
  • Ditto in regards to produce. Default is organic.
  • We aren’t measuring and weighing anything! Do you think our ancestors while hunting and gathering were running around with digital scales? I don’t think so. We will learn to cook using our sense of sight, smell and basic good judgment.
  • Every bite should chase the next! I learned this concept from a Chef that I worked for back in the mid 80’s and it has been with me since. If flavors are in balance, you’ll want more. If there is too much of one flavor it will begin to overpower the dish and push you away.
  • Hunter / Gatherers spent probably 70% of their existence sustaining themselves. You are what you eat…so, in our busy modern existence, remember why we are overweight and sick. Because we stopped allocating the time and energy required to properly sustain ourselves. The shortcuts and fast food are killing us, so let’s realize we need to become more efficient and invest as much energy into our food intake as we do into exercise.
  • The most important ingredient is LOVE!