The Paleo Diet and Primal Effect

Posted 01 Jul 2011 in Blog, Homepage Featured

So, my daily routine is to get out of bed, take the dog out for a pee, then jump on the computer and begin my morning surf through numerous blogs, usually about 20 or more. They are mostly health/fitness related and heavy in Paleo/Primal lifestyle. I have listed blogs I read daily and recommended links that I believe provide a wealth of information and evidence in support of the lifestyle I am trying to lead and share with you.

That being said, I see this as an opportunity to elaborate about my intentions with Primal Effect, being one of the new guy’s on the blog scene. In my introductory video, I mention that I am not going to use the word Paleo to describe this website. Well, Rodney what the crap does that mean? It is simple. I did Paleo strict a year and a half and had incredible results, as you can see from my before and after pictures. I continue to make great progress. As time passed I have evolved in my practices of the Paleo diet and allow for a few things that are not technically “Paleo”. My intention is not to get into pissing matches as to what is Paleo and what is not. I simply wish to share my journey and what has worked for me.

My main focus is using 36 years of restaurant experience and teaming it with a lifetime of involvement in exercise and nutrition. My contribution will be cooking videos in which I will adhere to Paleo principals as much as possible, but view it as presenting dishes that mimic the macro-nutrient ratios of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. For example, salt is not Paleo. I feel that if you have eliminated everything in a box and processed foods from your life then seasoning that kick ass piece of grass fed protein with a little sea salt is OK. If you want to adhere to strict Paleo or have high blood pressure, follow my recipe but don’t use the salt. If I make a dressing and use vinegar which is not Paleo, feel free to remain devout and substitute lemon or lime juice instead. It’s like “Poetic license”; you can take advantage of my cooking experience and diversity in recipes and modify however you wish. If you do Crossfit and follow Zone diet, add your block of carbs that’s up to you. What you won’t see, is me teaching Paleo pizza or Paleo cookies, although I do have some snacks that I recommend which help to get through the elimination of sugar from your diet and satisfy cravings once you are on board. The key though is moderation with said “snacks”.

The major components of Paleo which have the most impact on health are the elimination of sugar, PUFA’s (processed seed oils), grains and legumes. Dairy is also avoided on Paleo. The dairy thing is a little controversial. It is Neolithic and part of the agriculture/farming down slide yet many Paleo advocates will allow for cooking with ghee (clarified butter).

At the end of the day, I recommend that you try the Paleo diet strict and experience it for yourself. After time you will figure out where you want to be and how you will continue. I am pretty sure that a high percentage of you will get pretty amazing results in regards to physical changes and health benefits. Some of you will determine it is not for you. Giving up sugar and refined carbs are no easy feat. The first month to month and a half are a killer. If you make it through that challenging stage you will really begin to like how you feel.

Here are a couple of simple videos that helped me when I started out.